At the 'Gender and Family Business' Conference in Norwich last week, Louise Humphies presented a paper entitled:  ‘Family Firm Succession in Norfolk: Opportunity, Continuity or Obligation?’

She is very keen to get input and thoughts from a wide variety of those involved with family business research and would value any responses members of this site are able to make in regards to;

  1. What is a family firm?
  2. What is ‘successful succession’ – who defines success?
  3. What effect is the current economic climate having on family businesses (particularly in terms of graduates going straight into family business and incumbents feeling they can’t retire yet due to value of the firm/ pension)
  4. Support available for succession – from Business Link, accountants – examples of what’s worked well and what will no longer be available.

You can email Louise your responses to these questions directly at - but comment here would also be useful. 





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Can any of our members provide comments about these important questions?

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