New MSc Programme ..... What should we tell them about family business?

We would welcome some input from colleagues in family business here.


We have recently developed a new MSC in International Management and Leadership and a Hospitality variant, live from September. After much debate, some from people on here, we have removed the Dissertation and replaced it with a focused community based project. Simply put we want our graduate to be 'involved' and 'do good' and we want them to have participated and stand out! My questions are

1/ What would you see as an ideal project and who would you get involved with?

2/ How could this benefit the family business community?


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This is an idea that is not thought out in any detail but seems the rather obvious thing to suggest:

1/Take a local community which contains a well established and successful family business, have your graduate investigate and explore all those ways in which that business is important to the community. Investigate the ways in which it benefits and dis-benefits the community.

2/Enables the family business sector to better understand what it can do to help the local community and thus to further help itself.

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