Research and practitioner areas of interest - Please post yours!

I thought it would be useful for us to share with each other the areas
which are of interest to us in respect to both research and pratitioner

This will hopefully begin a dialogue about how we can build and inform a research agenda and how we might develop future activities of the community.

My current areas of research interest are:

1. Family Business succession especially father-daughter relationships and
impact on senior management succession. I am working with John Tucker
from ICFIB to prepare a paper for IFERA on this topic.
2. Leadership development of family business members. Again working with John Tucker
from International Centre for Families in Business.
3. Emotion in family business - the notion of emotional labour and its manifestations
in FB. Working with Peter Thornton and Louise Grisoni, UWE, on this.
4. Comparative study of UK versus German manufacturing FBs - in formative
stages. Working with Peter Thornton on this. We are looking for
connections with German FBs in the manufacturing sector.
5. Performance of family firms in UK - longitudinal study. Working with
Nick Smith from Veale Wasbrough Vizards to develop this study through
development of the National Family Business Survey which is going to
launch in March 2010.

Please post a reply to this blog and let us know what research areas you are interested in.

Best wishes

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Thanks Lorna - this is a really good idea.

My current areas of interest are:

1/ Family business networks and the different ways in which family businesses use networks as par tof the business process

2/ Knowledge, learning and networks in a family business environment

3/ Family businesses in difficult economic circumstances - and the manner in which networks and the knowledge therein contribute in the current climate.

4/ Sustainable businesses and the family contribution

5/ Business families - families with a track record in serial or portfolio entrepreneurship - and the role they play in economic development. I'm also interested in the role business families play in entrepreneurial learning, which strikes me as a potential area for further research development?

It would be good to hear from others working in similar areas - and indeed anyone interested in developing collaborative research.

Best wishes,

I am just writing up my MPhil stage of Team roles on Board of Directors, to identify the different roles that are there with particular interest in the role of women.

This means that from around January onwards I will be completely free to focus entirely on women in Family Businesses with the aim of completing my PhD in this area. Therefore, if anybody has any ideas or needs something in Family Businesses researching, especially with regard to women I would be very interested to know as I am looking for the right direction.

Also, very interested in collaborative research and am currently networking into many family businesses so am happy to provide data if needed.

Thank you for your help!
Best wishes,

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