Research Centres in Family Business - a listing of family business research centres (please add yours)


Witten Institute for Family Business

The Witten
Institute for Family Business (WIFU = Wittener Institut für
Familienunternehmen) is Germany's pioneer and directory for academic
research and teaching of the specific features of family businesses. Read more

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CeFEO – Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership
Academic Excellence and Practical Relevance

This website is designed to be a resource for researchers and educators in the field of family business and ownership, as well as for family business managers, owners, advisors and policy makers. The CeFEO website presents the Centre of Family Enterprise and Ownership – CeFEO – a research and learning center located at Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. Here we present our activities both in terms of academic research and in terms of service and outreach activities to the family business community and related organizations.
The Scottish Forum for Family Business Research is based at Queen Margaret UNiversity in Edinburgh - more information is available at:

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