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Does sustainability in the family business matter?

Interesting article from ISBE on sustainability in the family business at:




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Leadership in Family Business: Invitation to Participate in Research

James Cunningham is a PhD candidate at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh who is currently carrying out research which looks at the impact of leadership styleson knowledge sharing culture in Scottish family businesses.


Help to complete the survey would be much appreciated.

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Husband and wife teams - Invitation to participate in research

I recently posted a link to an article on the Family Business Alliance talking about my research on husband and wife teams. Since I started doing this research, the reactions from husband and wife teams has been fantastic. It is a topic that really lies at the heart of the family business phenomenon, since it deals in a very direct way with the overlap of family and business. In addition, it touches on the fascinating phenomenon of co-leadership - something which many family firms are…


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Family-run businesses wanted for a new BBC 2 Series!





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Family Businesses on Radio 4

Interesting programme on family businesses from Radio 4, which includes comment on working hours, job satisfaction and the length of time that people tend to work for the same employer.


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Getting Us Out of a Jam .......

A great article from today's Sotland on Sunday on the role Scotland's food and drink businesses are playing in the drive for exports. Many of the businesses highlighted are (or were) family businesses but do not tend to be 'badged' this way.



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The NextGen design for contemporary family brand platforms...

As the global economic recovery advances, however erratically, family enterprises need to be focused on their competitive durability and resiliency in response to the prolonged ‘new normal’ of a transforming landscape.

Advisors and consultants have an immediate opportunity to help ensure that the enterprising families they work with are better equipped to navigate the patchwork of mature and emerging “free markets” of capitalism – especially given the volatility…


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Great Family Business Story in the Independent on Sunday 10 Jul 2011

This story indicates well why Family Business is usually much more successful than the large corporates.


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Peter Thornton's Agenda for Discussion with Government

A business environment that is more supportive of family businesses would improve, stabilise, and support the British economy - and importantly, be a cornerstone to the coalition’s ambitions for the future economic strength of the UK.

Peter Thornton and Bruce Sachs’ proposals for the steps that government should take based on their report prepared for Vince Cable in August 2010. The purpose is to achieve economic stability by creating the right milieu for family business to…


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Potential Methods for Achieving the Objective of the UKFBA

In co-operation with member organisations operating in the same area:

  • Develop communication and interchange between Business Families, Family Business Shareholders, Directors, Senior Managers, Professionals and Advisors serving the Sector, Academics, Researchers working within the Sector, Membership Organisations, Groups, Forums, etc. This is an Association for the mutual benefit, advantage, education and growth of the Family Business Sector, people within it and businesses and…

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Apologies to all Members for my absence

I'm sorry that I have not been visibly around for several months. None the less Claire Seaman and I have remained closely in touch and remain dedicated to building this Alliance into a very dynamic force for the Family Business Sector.

Firstly I have been greatly occupied creating, with partners a new business and handling a few other projects. The pressure of this project on my time has now declined somewhat I am glad to say.

Secondly my new found status as an author has…


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New Family Business Text

Many congratulations to Daphne - looking forward very much to reading this new text on father/daughted succession.



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ESRC SEminar Series on Strategic Thinking in Second Generation Family Businesses

Sides fromthe recent ESRC programme on family business are now available at:



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New articles on Family Business

There are a number of new (or recent) articles on family business which offer a useful perspective for the research community. One good example is at:



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Great Comment on Family Business on Business Scotland 5/6/2011

Great comment on family businesses in Scotland from Martin Steek and Boyd Tunnock on Business Scotland.




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Family Business in Latin America: A Study of Characterization and Trends (A Work in Progress Report)

The project entitled “Family Business in Latin America: a Study of Characterization and Trends,” is a Non-Governmental initiative that seeks to consolidate a body of knowledge and raise public awareness of the importance of these type of businesses.

This study (first of its kind and scope in the continent), seeks to determine current and dynamics, characteristics and future approach of succession, professionalization and internationalization strategies. The project began to collect…


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Lindsays Calls for Improved Services for family Businesses

A collaboration between Lindsays and the Scottish Family Business Assocaition has lead to a call for improved services for family businesses, at:





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A Report Overview of Family Business in Venezuela: Politics, Governance and Internationalization

Exaudi Family Business Consulting (, in conjunction with the University of Zulia (Maracaibo), the Metropolitan University (Caracas) and the University of Carabobo (Valencia), conducted the study "Characteristics and Trends of the Venezuelan Family Business (period 2010-2012)”, taking a sample of 106 companies from a universe of 600 and applying an online questionnaire methodology.

A major finding is the strong roots…


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Great Article on Family Businesses in the Scottish Economy

Great article on family businesses in today's Herald on Sunday at:






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