A Special Issue of Futures on the Future of Family Business is now available for free access for a linited period of time

We (Kathleen Randerson, Giovanna Dossena and Alain Fayolle) are happy to announce the publication of a special issue in the journal Futures: the journal of policy, planning and futures studies, vol. 75.

Futures®, Elsevier and the guest editors are happy to offer you free access to our articles until March 3rd, 2016, just follow the links!


“The Futures of Family Business: Family Entrepreneurship” by Kathleen Randerson, Giovanna Dossena and Alain Fayolle



“In search of future alternatives for family business: Family law contributions through Civil and Common Law comparison” by Céline Barrédy



“The futures of family businesses and the development of corporate social responsibility” by Mara Bergamaschi and Kathleen Randerson



“Anticipating intergenerational management transfer of family firms: A typology of next generation’s future leadership projections” by Miruna Radu Lefebvre, Vincent Lefebvre



“Family entrepreneurship culture, entrepreneurial intent, futures and foresight in Scottish Pakistani communities” by Claire Seaman, Richard Bent, Ashley Unis



“Corporate governance in family firms, learning and reaction to recession: Evidence from Italy” by Marco Cucculelli, Cristina Bettinelli



Futures® is an international, refereed, multidisciplinary journal concerned with medium and long-term futures of cultures and societies, science and technology, economics and politics, environment and the planet and individuals and humanity. Covering methods and practices of futures studies, the journal seeks to examine possible and alternative futures of all human endeavours. Futures® seeks to promote divergent and pluralistic visions, ideas and opinions about the future.

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