Apologies to all Members for my absence

I'm sorry that I have not been visibly around for several months. None the less Claire Seaman and I have remained closely in touch and remain dedicated to building this Alliance into a very dynamic force for the Family Business Sector.

Firstly I have been greatly occupied creating, with partners a new business and handling a few other projects. The pressure of this project on my time has now declined somewhat I am glad to say.

Secondly my new found status as an author has opened up other interests and possibilities which take some of my time.

Thirdly we had hoped to find another voluntary person with a lot more time available than we to do the greater part of the work of managing and developing the Alliance. As a result I spent some time in discussions and meetings that did not reach finality. As a result I decided to spend less time on that and concentrate on building what we have in the hope that the right person will eventually appear.


If anybody would like to help on a voluntary basis then we would be delighted to hear from them.


What I have achieved during this period of absence is a most worthwhile discussion with Grant Gordon and Bob Tolliday of the Institute for Family Business concerning approach to government. I had written an agenda for the matters that needed to be brought to the attention of government which was contained in the Paper which I originally wrote nearly a year ago for Vince Cable after meeting him at a literary festival.

This paper can be seen at Regenerating UK Prosperity.......

I'm very pleased to say that Grant and Bob told me that these matters were substantially the same as their own agenda. The IFB already has excellent contacts within government and therefore there would be no point in UKFBA attempting to try to set up it's own separate contacts. Far better to work together, no point whatever in being competitive and confusing people in government at the same time.

We have therefore agreed to work together and will be developing this effort over the next few months.

By the way the IFB have some excellent reports on their website their latest being on the concept of 'Stewardship', a commonly found concept in family business but not often recognised.

I will publish this agenda in a separate blog and seek opinions on it.


We do not feel that the Ning site is an adequte home for UKFBA and are therefore working with a few volunteers to set up our own website. Facebook and LinkedIn have far greater visibility on the Net than our own individual site, Claire Seaman is therefore going to develop a Facebook presence and I am going to consider the idea of a LinkedIn Group.


We are going to simplify the statement about UKFBA on the first page of this site and I am going to set up a separate blog about the ways that we envisage UKFBA can gradually achieve its objectives.


Any comments about all this gratefully received.


Peter Thornton, Chairman




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