Family Business in Latin America (Part 2 and finale)

A second hub for family business studies in the region emerged in
Mexico in the form of research and training centers affiliated with
institutions of higher learning such as the Centro de Desarrollo de la
Empresa Familiar family business development center at the Instituto
Tecnológico Autónomo de México (CEDEF), created to fill the knowledge
gap and address the lack of support in the field; CEFAM at Tecnológico
de Monterrey, whose mission is to foster entrepreneurship among
business-owning families via continuing improvement; and Centro de
Empresas Familiares, founded in 1999 at Universidad de Monterrey to
support the continuity of family businesses and firms.

The twenty-first century has seen the birth of many family business
studies programs, research centers, and institutes in almost all of the
countries of Latin America. But particularly noteworthy is the role
being played by the Caribbean in family business research, advisory
services, and publications. Among these are the Centro de Apoyo a la
Empresa Familiar, with support from INALDE; the work being done by
Universidad ICESI and Universidad de Externado in Colombia; IESA and
Unitec in Venezuela; and, lastly, the admirable efforts of Escuela de
Negocios Alta Dirección, which started in Mendoza, Argentina, and has
branched out into fifteen centers in twelve Ibero-American countries
for training the entrepreneurs who are responsible for ensuring their
family businesses’ destiny, peace, and continuity.

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Comment by Guillermo Salazar on June 14, 2010 at 14:23
No, I've never had. This could ba an interesting area for researching. You can tell everyone interested in this area to contact me. Maybe we can work in a project, if we find a way.
Comment by Claire Seaman on June 13, 2010 at 18:41
This is interesting. Here in Scotland, I supervise a PhD student whose work focusses on those businesses owned and run by our local Latin American community. There are real challenges in this research as the community is realtively small but the work is of great interest. Have you had contact with other UK researchers in similar areas?

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