Husband and wife teams - Invitation to participate in research

I recently posted a link to an article on the Family Business Alliance talking about my research on husband and wife teams. Since I started doing this research, the reactions from husband and wife teams has been fantastic. It is a topic that really lies at the heart of the family business phenomenon, since it deals in a very direct way with the overlap of family and business. In addition, it touches on the fascinating phenomenon of co-leadership - something which many family firms are familiar with, but which has not been research widely.

I'm now entering a new phase in the research, and am searching for husband and wives who run a business together and share their decision-making.

If you are part of a copreneurship, (or if you know any, please pass this on! Thank you) I would be delighted to get your views! Here is the link to the questionnaire, which takes about 20-25 mins to complete:


Both husband and wife must respond for me to be able to use the data.

If you wouldlike to know more about this project, please contact me on


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