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Gastronomy is the comprehensive study of food. At the heart of gastronomic study is an awareness that all aspects of the food system and food culture are interconnected and an understanding of how they interact. The range of theory which may be applicable in the study of gastronomy is therefore very great.  Gastronomy draws heavily on systems thinking, which provides the theory that underpins much understanding of the complex, component system that is food in society.


The purpose of this Special Issue in Gastronomy, therefore, is to link together some key themes in food. These include, but are not limited to:


  • ·         Anthropology and history of food: the relationship between people, food and the environment.
  • ·         The science that underpins our understanding and use of food, including nutrition, sensory science, soil science, fermentation & molds, biodiversity, etc.
  • ·         Food  Systems: how food is brought from field to market
  • ·         Food Communications and Consumption: How ideas of food are ‘produced’ and ‘consumed’ via the media, and how our consumption (both literal and metaphorical) of food is informed by how it is communicated 

Given the diverse nature of gastronomy in its UK and Global context, it is likely that researchers are working in areas not specified above, i.e. case studies or other forms of analytical research. The editors would be very keen to consider such manuscripts. For further information, please contact the editors.


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