Why I am applying again to be Chairman of Thorntons Plc

I have published my reasons for wanting again to be Chairman of Thorntons and my Vision for the company on my website: http://thorntonsthebook.com/?cat=3.

It is our old Family Business which was started in 1911 by my grandfather and father who was the manager of the first shop. It has been declining for quite a few years now and I want to help it recover and fulfill its potential.

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Comment by Peter N Thornton on December 9, 2011 at 21:10

Just published a statement about not making the short-list for the Chairmanship on my website:http://thorntonsthebook.com/not-on-the-short-list-for-the-chairmans...

Comment by Peter N Thornton on November 28, 2011 at 14:10

Thank you very much for your support Samuel, I would love to help build it into the fantastic company for our country, the shareholders, management and all the workforce which it still has the potential to be.

Yes, I agree that the appointment would give me the opportunity of influencing the wider PLC community towards the 'Relational' approach as devised by 'Relationships Global', the typical style in other words of the family business.

Peter Thornton


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